Yoga At Classic is for Everybody

Regardless of your shape, size, age, or flexibility. It is our intention to host classes that can fit every yogi style—from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Whether you prefer a more meditative practice, or an upbeat calorie burner, we have a class for you.

Yoga Classes

Power Vinyasa

This class will get your heart rate up! We move breath per movement. Knowing yoga postures is very important for this class.


This is a step down from a power class. We will move and flow, and spend some time on some extra stretches in the beginning and end of class.

Mindful Movement / Gentle

This is a great class for beginners, or when you need to slow and get present with your self and your breath. We will use props for extra comfort.

Barre Classes


Barre workouts focus on small repetitive movements known to create long lean muscles.

Yoga Barre Blend

This class is a toning, body-weight-lifting workout allowing you to engage muscles you would not normally target.   Class included high-reps and low-impact movements that challenge you while fine-tuning your muscle  Class incorporates yoga flows and stretches. No ballet experience required.


Kettlebells combine cardio and weights into one efficient workout, which is known to produce twice the results in less time than traditional workouts. We focus on proper form and technique to maximize our efforts for the best results. Kettlebells increase mobility and strength for everyday life.

Bums n Bands

In this class we focus more on our lower part of the body. We workout with weights, resistance bands, adding in bursts of cardio. This class is perfect for any BODY.

Aerial Classes

Intro to Aerial

This is designed to get you comfy in the AERIAL Yoga Silk while learning basic skills. Great for all ages and easy to learn and build Aerial skills. 

Aerial Yoga Stretch

This class focus on deeper stretches that support relieving joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts may trigger.   Aerial Yoga Silk supports release of tension. Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness). Enhances core strength. Improves breath awareness, calmer access to inverted posture while releasing endorphins.. Perfect class for ages 16 and up

Advanced Aerial

This class is designed for students who have done aerial 3-4 times here or another studio. This class we will learn flows, drops and fun sequences.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a popular class offers warm comfortable room with room temperature between 80-90m degrees that supports detoxification.   This class will raise your core body temperature with natural reaction to sweat.  Enhances mind and body performance.  Supports skin rejuvenation, pain relief and weight loss.  

Homeschool / Open Gym

Offered for both Home School and Non Home School Kidspreschool and school age children enjoy a fun twenty minutes in the gym learning skills, jumping on the tramp, swinging on bars and balancing on the beams. If anyone in the group would like to try Aerial Yoga, we spend 20 minutes in the aerial room learning aerial skills and drills.