January Beginner Series

If you have been wanting to get into yoga or try out a gentle fitness program, this is for you!!


Join us for a special workshop where our amazing instructor, Katy Bleau, will guide you through six fundamental yoga poses. These poses will equip you for any class you wish to take, enhance your balance, and improve your mobility.


After mastering these classic yoga poses, you’ll have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate them into a traditional vinyasa sequence.

No prior yoga experience is required, and everyone will be warmly welcomed! We look forward to meeting you and having your presence in our community.  Just $15/Class.

Myofascial Release Event

Calling all athletes and coaches!

The myofascial system is the connective layer of tissue attached to the muscles in our bodies that determines a bulk of our mobility and balance, especially on the backline of the body. This system starts at the bottom of your feet and goes all the way to the base of your forehead in one single piece of tissue- this means that if this piece of tissue is tight in your feet or calves, it could actually cause tension in the upper part of the body in the form of headaches or shoulder pain for example.

This is where myofascial release supports and aids individuals. By pressing into the areas of your fascial system that causes pain or discomfort, we are able to warm that area, loosen the tissue, and relieve pressure along the entire backline of the body. This drastically impacts athletic performance and is a great tool for anyone who experiences body pain/ tension on a regular basis.

2 class options January 13th & 14th – $25 per class