Classic Teachers


Hello and welcome to yoga at Classic! I have been practicing yoga for over years, becoming certified in 2015. For me, yoga is about the inner changes and awareness. My practice is a time to put everything else on hold and connect to my inner being. The heightened awareness I experience is what continues to draw me to my mat and to teaching. My passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had on my life in hopes of helping others feel and accomplish the same.



I started practicing yoga at the local gym about 3 months ago. Yoga allows me the time and space to give back to my body and build strength mentally, emotionally, and physically. My main responsibilities are to motivate and look cute. I also love a good joke now and then. <3



I started practicing yoga at The Fire Within in May of 2019 after my first year of college. It started out as another way to exercise and get in shape, but since then I have fallen in love with the art of all forms of yoga, and fully submerged myself in every class I can get to. I recently received my Barre Training Certificate, and I am excited to teach with the hopes of venturing into other yoga disciplines. My style, while still in development, focuses on strengthening various parts of your body, finding your own personal balance, and becoming more flexible, all while finding peace and harmony. This is done through fresh routines, an upbeat personality, music, and other small touches that are meant to make class fun! It is important for me to make this class available for everyone, and while it is daunting to join a new workout regimen I am so excited to see many old faces from the studio, and some new ones!